INFORMATION about Electrojumble and How to Contact and Purchase


Please contact me first by email before paying.  This is essential as many items are available in only small quantities and the stock can change quickly.    I can then check and confirm availability and postage.

Please quote:-   Item number and description   Quantity Required    Delivery Country

I hold any items quoted for. for10 calendar days. 

For enquiries, payment by PayPal  or comments please mail to:-  Contact  AT  electrojumble.org.uk  

I have had to close temporarily for health reasons as often cannot reply, so please excuse any delays.
I sometimes CAN respond so by all means ask. 
I cannot get to the post office so normally have to send items by courier collect service.


These can be made by:-

Bank transfer This method is now rapid & is recommended.  Payments to be in GBP with any charges prepaid. Please ask for bank details.

PayPal payment to the "contact" email address.  

UK Cheque or UK Postal Order Please ask for address.

Cash only on collection by arrangement. 

I do not take credit or debit cards directly, but you can use a card through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.

I also can accept payment via the NoChex  systems.


This will be by the cheapest route and at buyers risk unless otherwise agreed.  

Small items are sent by post and a certificate of posting is obtained. 

Larger items are sent by courier. 

All are made at cost with a small addition for boxes and packing.



The site is intended as a resource of data and components for the maintenance, repair and construction of electronic equipment.  It is good to see that a younger generation of enthusiasts are becoming interested in the techniques of last century when designers had to employ at lot of ingenuity to achieve good results across the spectrum from audio through radio to radar.  The associated test equipments also had to maintain pace - often ahead of the product developments and it is instructive to look at the methods used to achieve accuracy and performance.

I started this site for my own benefit.  I had many bits and pieces and could not remember what I had or what they were! So I created a data base on my home computer.  Initially it was just ICs, transistors and valves.  Friends asked about components for construction and repairs so I created this simple web site for general access.  Since then I have added many more items to the site from my collection and it still is growing. 

It is operated purely on an amateur basis.  I try to respond to queries as quickly as possible and usually reply within a day and dispatch within 2 days - often much more quickly.   Sometimes incoming mail gets caught in the server "Spam" trap, so please chase me if you have not had a reply within 3 days.

I can offer Post or Courier dispatch.  For the rarer items or faster delivery, an insured and tracked service can be offered.

All components and equipments items offered are as collector's items.  Because of their age many will not meet modern safety standards! 

I am often asked if I can send to countries other than the UK.   I can send anywhere!   The list below is of 42 countries outside UK to which I have sent.


Brazil New Zealand
Bulgaria Norway
Canada Portugal
Chanel Islands Romania
China Russia
Croatia Saudi Arabia
Czech Republic Singapore
Denmark Slovenia
Finland South Africa
France South Korea
Germany Spain
Hong Kong Sweden
Hungary Switzerland
Ireland Thailand
Israel The Netherlands
Latvia Ukraine
Lithuania United States


Last update:   March 02, 2020

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