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Fuses and Holders
Jack Plug
Jack Socket
Mains Filters
Wires and Cables
Belling Lee

Note that some items are now between 30 and 70 years old. 

Some tarnishing of contacts may have occurred.  I can advise on the detailed condition of specific items on request


Cat No.

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CON8301 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket.  Hosiden HSJ2000-01-010H
6 pin Part No 116-002000-350
New old stock 2.45
CON8302 3-5mm_skt_01.jpg (10608 bytes) 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket.  With Switch. 12 x 20 x 6mm body.
11 pin H38-020. Part no 116-008020-000
New old stock 2.50
CON8303 3-5mm_skt_02.jpg (14876 bytes) 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket.  With 2p 2w Switch. 12 x 20 x 10mm body
9 pin, HTJ-035-08D.  part no 116-053508-350.
12mm wide, 11mm high above board, 21mm long. 
New old stock 3.55
CON8304 3.5mm Jack Socket.   Ex equipment.  Gold contacts. Used 0.20
10 for 1.10
CON8305 Jack.JPG (32408 bytes) Old Style Jack Socket with switch contacts.  GPO - Post Office type. Ex Equipment 3.50
CON8305a PO Jack 500B6/N GPO 371184.  Some boxed. Unused 4.00
CON8306 Jack Plug No 9. ZA5624.  0.25" As used on military headsets such as the DLR5 from which these were removed. Used 2.00
CON8311 3 pole Free Socket, locking. Maplin FK23 or equivalent
(Picture shows 5 pole version) Body diameter 14mm, 35mm long overall.
 New old stock


CON8312 5 pole Free Socket, locking. Maplin FK25 or equivalent
Body diameter 14mm, 35mm long overall.
New old stock


CON9712 HUBBELL Mains Connector Twist-Lock
250V 10A; 125V 15A.
A few other North American Connectors available
CON9801 CONN_3p.jpg (31573 bytes)   BULGIN MAINS PLUG P430 or equivalent.   3 pole free socket, solder connections.
Body 14.2mm diameter for insertion in 15mm socket; top 17 and 21mm diameter.

See HERE  for drawings of this and other Bulgin items.   Other types available, please enquire.

Unused old stock


CON9802   BULGIN MAINS SOCKET P429  Chassis Male chassis fixed receptacle for P430.
BULGIN P360 is the code for the P429 plus P430 
Unused old stock


CON9808 BULGIN Fixed 3 way Connector, SA1861 Medium   23mm diameter receptacle for SA1862.
This is the size often used on vintage domestic equipment .
See HERE  for drawings
CON9811 . Combination Panel Mount for IEC320 Mains Socket with two 20mm fuse holders.
Belling-Lee L2310/2 Y21245.  55 x 46 x35mm for 37 x 41mm cut-out
Unused old stock 3.50
CON9811 . IEC 250V 5A Chassis Fixed Plug (Appliance Inlet) with 20mm fuse holder.  Belling-Lee L2728 or similar. 
44 x 33 x33mm. 2 hole fixing at 36mm centres.
Unused old stock 3.00
CON9820 110V 16A Free Plug to BS4343  RS 488-719 or similar.
40mm dia, 130mm long. 
Unused old stock 2.50
CON9821 110-130V 16A Fixed Socket. to BS4343. 
Duraplug S1624. With rubber mounting box and spring loaded cover. 
Farnell SS1624. 65 x 65 x 93mm high.
Unused old stock 7.50
CON9842 Mains Lead with Small Bayonet free socket. Type AT36365.     Connector is Amphenol 62GB-16J8--3.3S (044). This style is used on some Racal and other equipments.  CAUTION!!!  There seems to be no standard use of the  connections, some equipments are wired so that use of this lead makes the chassis live to mains!!! Check before use and rewire if necessary.  This lead has A-Earth (green/yellow), B-Neutral (Blue), C-Live (Brown) New old stock 9.35
CON9851 MAINS Chassis "Figure 8"Connector with change-over switch.
This operates when socket inserted.  Rated 250V ac at 2.5A.  Type MKj-102. 
    33 x26x26mm overall, fixing centres 27mm. 
Panel cut-out size 22mm wide. Figure 8 oval 17mm x
New old stock 2.20
CON9861 MAINS IEC Chassis Connector.   P580  6A 110/250V ac. New old stock 2.20
CON9862 MAINS IEC Chassis Connector insulating boot for CON9861. New old stock 0.20
CON9866 MAINS IEC Chassis Connector with integral fuse holder
RS 489-122 or equivalent
New old stock 2.90
    PLESSEY MAINS PLUG for AVO and Racal equipments available.
See Military Connector Section.  HERE
MF100 As MF101 IEC Mains Socket with inbuilt filter.  RS 238-429

6A 250V 50Hz

Unused old stock 5.90
MF101 Filter_IEC_1A.jpg (15480 bytes) IEC Mains Socket with inbuilt filter. 

1A 250V

Unused old stock   4.90
MF102 Filter_IEC_2A.jpg (13822 bytes) Belling Lee Filter IEC filtered socket type L2134C/L.

2A 250V

Unused old stock 4.90
MF105 Filter_5A.jpg (7619 bytes).
Similar to this
Mains filter Dubilier CMF210.  2A 250V 50Hz. to BS613 Unused old stock 4.50


FU101 FuseH_20mm.jpg (10138 bytes) Fuse Holder for 20mm fuses.  
Single hole retaining with two locating pegs.
New old stock 0.35
FU102x Fuse_20mm.jpg (3034 bytes) Fuse 20mm  - Glass Quick Blow   Sold singly, most values available 100mA to 8A. New old stock 0.05 to 0.30
FU103x . Fuse 20mm  - Glass Slow Blow   Sold singly, most values available 150mA to 3.15A New old stock 0.05 to 0.30
FU104x . Fuse 20mm  - Ceramic   Sold singly, few values available New old stock 0.05 to 0.30
FU105 FuseH_1-25.jpg (11629 bytes) Fuse Holder 1.25 inch.   
Single hole retaining with two locating pegs.
New old stock 0.35
FU106x Fuse_1-25.jpg (5989 bytes) Fuse 1.25 inch Glass Quick Blow   Sold singly, most values available 60mA to 20A. New old stock 0.05 to 0.30
FU107x . Fuse 1.25 inch Glass Slow Blow   Sold singly, few values available New old stock
FU108x Fuse_Ceram_1-25.jpg (9743 bytes) Fuse 1.25 inch Ceramic   Sold singly, many values available 1A to 20A. New old stock 0.05 to 0.30
FU110 Fuse-Clip_20mm.jpg (5287 bytes) Fuse clips for 20mm fuses, circuit board mounting.  Solder lugs New old stock 0.10 per pair
FU111 Fuse_Cont_6A.jpg (9369 bytes) Continental style 6A 500V Ceramic. New 2.00
FU215 Fused Unit for Asymmetrical Rail Mounting.
Takes 20mm fuses,  Can take internal bus bar for multi-way distribution.
Good condition.
Ex Equip 0.30 ea
10 for 2.00
FU321 . Fuse Holder for 00 15mm fuses.  Belling Lee L575, Panel mounting Old Stock
Ex Equip
CAB100 Various Instrumentation cables and wires available by the roll or in cut lengths.
Bare Copper and Enamelled Copper Winding wires.        
Resistance Wires.   Nichrome etc.        
Solder - old style Lead/Tin Solder 60/40.
New Old Stock  
CAB201 BNC Test Lead 50 ohm, 2m approx.  Single BNC one end other un-terminated. Used, clean 0.30
CAB203 . BNC Test Leads.  BNC to BNC plug.  
Various unused and used. 50 ohm, 70 ohm.
  From 1.20
CAB316 CABLE 6 way screened type 6C.   6 cores of 14/.0076".  8mm OD. New Old Stock 1.20/m
CAB321 CABLE 49 way screened    49 cores of 7x0.1mm  12.5mm OD. Black PVC New Old Stock 6.20/m


For information on how to buy, please see the information page.

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