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Some prices are marked "P.O.A" - Price on Application.  This usually indicates that the item condition is unknown and will need to be tested and inspected in more detail. Such items will be tested as far as possible before I can give you a report on condition and price.

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  Continental Style Relays
  Mercury Relays
  Octal Relays
  PCB Relays
  Power Relays
  Reed Relays
Stepping Relays and Uniselectors
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  Transducers and Gauges
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Description Condition Price GBP
REED RELAYS  and accessories.     PCB RELAYS      For Some Data on RS items see HERE
REL1074 Reed Coil No 3. 1500 ohms  12-15V 30 x 13 x 12mm  RS 349-030 or RS 349-844 Unused 2.00
REL1221 5V 500 ohm  1p1w SPST Normally Open RS 349-226 Unused 2.00
REL1224 5V 500 ohm  1p1w SPST Normally Open RS 345-555. SIL single in-line Unused 2.50
REL1226 . 5V Mercury Wetted Normally Open RS 348-302 Unused 3.00
REL1311 . DIL 14 pin 1p1w SPST Normally Open RS 349-383 Unused 2.00
REL1421 . 12V  RS 346-845 Unused 1.40
REL1442 . 12V 1110 ohm Latching RS 346-716 Unused 4.50
REL2020 Reed Switch Element - Glass 2.1mm  diameter, 14.5mm long glass, 28mm overall. Normally open Unused 0.35
10 for 1.20
REL2021 Reed Switch Element - Glass Form A (normally Open) RS 338-147 Unused 3.00
REL2023 Reed Switch Element -  RS 6RSR Unused 3.00
REL2025 . Reed Switch Element -  RS 7RSR or 338-153.  Body 48mm long, 5mm diameter. 83mm overall. Unused 3.00
REL2027 Reed Switch Element - Change-over RS 13RSR Unused 5.00
REL2029   Reed Switch Element - Change-over Hivac XS1.1/1  36mm body, 75mm overall Unused 5.00
REL2311 . Reed Relay RS 348-970 .  
REL2321 . Reed Relay RS 348-986 .  
REL2331 Reed Relay - Pickering Relay 97-2-A-5/2, 5V 460 ohm.
DPST  2 normally open contacts. Pull in approx 2.8V, drop out 1.5V.
Used 0.30
REL2333 Reed Relay - Pickering Relay 97-2-A-5/2, 5V 460 ohm.
Strip of 4 of above on PCB.
Used 0.90
REL2350 Reed Relay 12V-  Astralux.  400F-12-1A
32 x 12 x 10 mm overall
Unused 7.50
REL2352 Reed Relay - 24V 1000 ohm Astralux.  GB129A-VT1000-M
Resin potted with two nylon mounting bolts.
Pull in 15V,   76 x 12 x 25 mm overall
Used 2.50
REL2355 Reed Relay - 12V 1000 ohm Alma Reed Relay CPR1/G  Single pole make.
Pull in 6V, drop out 3V.   38 x 12 x 13 mm.
New Old Stock 1.10
REL2357 Reed Relay - 12V 750 ohm Alma Reed Relay CRGC/C Single pole change-over.
Pull in 6V, drop out 3V.   58 x 13 x 13 mm.
New Old Stock 1.90
REL2362 Reed Relay - 12V-18V 1600 ohm Alma Reed Relay RS 348-992 Single pole change-over.
  38 x 12 x 13 mm.
New Old Stock 1.90
REL3333 6V 53 ohm SPCO 1p2w   RS 347-848  10A Contacts
29 x 12 x 24mm
Old Stock 4.00
REL3342 As REL3428 6V 410 ohm SPCO 1p2w   RS 349-125  Open style     Unused 3.00
REL3411 12V 1p2w SPCO Omron Relay G2L-113P-V   27 x 10 x 25mm Unused 2.50
REL3415 12V 400 ohm 1p2w SPCO 3A RS 346-621.    21 x 16 x 22mm Unused 3.50
REL3422 12V 2p2w DPCO RS 348-655 Old Stock 3.00
REL3428  12V 1640 ohm  1p2w SPCO RS 349-131  Open style    Two only     Used 2.50
REL3612 As REL3428 24V 6150 ohm  RS 349-147 Open style Old Stock 4.00
REL3621 24V 750 ohm 2p2w DPCO STC 27C12C09
16V pull-in 3V drop-out.   42 x 17 x 10mm
Some have open circuit resistances of approx 1M ohm. 
Unused         Old Stock 0.40
REL3622 30V 1100 ohm 2p2w DPCO STC 271TDA
20V pull-in 6V drop-out.   42 x 17 x 10mm
Some have open circuit resistances of approx 1M ohm. 
Unused         Old Stock 0.50
REL3642  24V 6150 ohm  1p2w SPCO RS 349-147 (Old RS ref type 914)  Open style         Old Stock
REL4324 6V DPCO sealed relay  Londex  RL7632 G 99
NSN 5945-99-519-5292
Unused P.O.A.
REL4331 9V  650 ohm sealed relay DPCO.   G 100/2/9
18x9x23mm body.  8 pins.  Pull in at 5 to 6V
Unused P.O.A.
REL4468   12V 180 ohm 4 pole Change-over sealed relay
Unused P.O.A.
REL4471 12V 500 ohm 2 pole Change-over sealed relay  Hellermann Deutsch HDD1AE2E03
NATO 0634-5945-99-015-4751
Unused P.O.A.
REL4486 Sealed Relay Dual 50 ohm. SPCO. Z530037.
Equivalent to NATO 5945-99-012-8198
Unused (1)


REL4488 Sealed Relay Dual 500 ohm. SPCO. Z530039.
One only Equivalent to NATO 5945-99-012-8200
  Used 6.00
REL4517 24V coil  700 ohm  Sealed Relay Z5300453, DPCO
  Used 4.00
REL4519 24V 700 ohm coil  Sealed Relay 5945-99-053-0463  
28 x 20 x 40mm    1 only
Unused P.O.A.
REL4522 240Vac 5mA AC Sealed Relay  4p c/o  RS 346-570.
25 x 20 x 38mm  2 only
Unused P.O.A.
REL4524 Sealed Relay Magnetic Devices 336/150/12
20 x 8 x 22mm  1 only
Unused P.O.A.
REL4550 24V 750 ohm coil 4P CO    CP127906/4  PLY/T/M
14 pin base.  33x24x40mm case.
Used? 3.50
REL4555 24V 1250 ohm coil DPCO Clare Elliott HF 1205 DTA 
Unused 9.00
REL4557 24V 2000 ohm coil DPCO Hellermann Deutsch HDD1HF2-E03 HEE-ZC35538   P.O.A.
REL4559 . 24V 6800 ohm coil DPCO
Z119098 Silver plated case
Used? 9.00
REL4563 26.5V 675 ohm coil DPCO Elliott RL7631 G52
Unused P.O.A.
REL4585 48V 8000 ohm coil DPCO Hellermann Deutsch HDD1AG2E03 HEE792549300
NSN 5945-99-014-1427
Unused P.O.A.
REL4587 48V 2500 ohm coil DPCO  Magnetic Devices NSN 5945-99-011-9882 Unused P.O.A.
REL4588   48V 2500 ohm coil  ?SPM  Magnetic Devices NSN 5945-99-011--9887    
REL4590   48V 2500 ohm coil DPCO   GEC  M1413 SM5-N39  Z530429 Unused
REL4591 48V 2500 ohm coil DPCO   NSN 5945-99-053-0474 Unused P.O.A.
REL4593 48V 2500 ohm coil DPCO Associated Automation  
5945-99-955-3105   5945-99-537-6509
Unused P.O.A.
REL4605 50V 1000 ohm coil 4PCO Diamond H Controls BS210C3T-1C, spec 360/2
NATO Ref 0634-5945-99-520-0838
Unused P.O.A.
REL4653 ?V 7500 ohm Coil 4PCO  Plessey 14 pin base 
NATO 0634-5945-99-539-7701
Unused P.O.A.
REL4712 115V 60Hz coil 4PCO Diamond H Controls BS5AC3T-1C, spec 325/2
NATO Ref 5945-99-521-6475
Unused P.O.A.
REL5134 PO type 2000 Relay fitted with 2 mercury switches.   2p make.  24V? 1000 ohm coil.  Pull in 12V, release 4 volt.  With 2 x 19-6A capsules. Unused? 18.00
REL5135 Mercury Capsule for relays such as REL124.  type 18-2A or 19-6A. New Boxed 8.00
REL6222 , 6-12V RELAY 130 ohm 2p 2w - DPCO     STC Type 240.ASO 4.4--14V
Continental Style.  Pull in approx 4V drop out 1.5V
New Old Stock
REL6224 6-12V RELAY 110 ohm 2p 2w - DPCO      CO715-B604
Pull in approx 4V drop out 1.5V
New Old Stock
REL6311 12V RELAY 185 ohm 2p 2w - DPCO       Continental Style RS Type 40 Boxed
2 only
Unused 2.70
REL6316  12V RELAY 185 ohm 4p 2w - 4PCO Continental Style ITT 25D04C14A
Contacts, 2A at 250V ac .
New Old Stock 5.20
REL6322 . 4.4 to 14V    STC 240ASO   DPCO Boxed
 New Old Stock
REL6334 12V RELAY 240 ohm 2p 2w - DPCO Continental Style
ITT 240UAG or Davall T21/2CC.   Ref FR081027
New Old Stock 1.80
REL6346 12-20V 510 ohm 4p 2w - 4PCO Siemens & Halske Continental Style 6500/720
Double contacts
Ex Equip? 0.90
REL6385 21V nominal (12-24Voperate range) RELAY 430 ohm 4p 2w - 4PCO   Continental Style Keyswitch
SM4/22/4CA/21/430  SM4P 430/21
1A or 100V, 30W Contacts. Operate 6-10ms, release 3-4ms.
New Old Stock 5.90
REL6441 24V RELAY 650 ohm 4p 2w - 4PCO   Continental Style? RS 348-885
Contacts, 2A at 250V ac 
Ex Equip?


REL6443 . 24V RELAY 700 ohm 4p 2w - 4PCO  ITTT 25AO4C20A  250AEO Continental Style
Contacts, 1A at 250V ac 
Unused? 2.70
REL6452   24V RELAY 700 ohm 2p 2w - 2PCO   Varley VP2 CBB/26 New Old Stock 2.70
REL6467 ' 24-27V 2300 ohm 4p 2w - 4PCO Siemens & Halske Continental Style 6500/426 Ex Equip? 1.15
REL6472 24-48V RELAY 3000 ohm 2p 2w - 2PCO   ITT 24CO2C25D
Typical Pull in 12V, drop out 7V.  Ref FR08624
New Old Stock 3.70
REL6475 24-48V RELAY 4000 ohm 2p 2w - 2PCO  Davall T21/2C New Old Stock 3.70
REL6525 48V 2400 ohm 4p 2w - 4PCO National HC 4-P-DC48V  Rated 3A 250V ac. New Old Stock 2.70
REL6721 . 100V DC 4p 2w - 4PCO  Omron MY4 US DC100
Contacts rated 3A 28v dc or 120V ac.
New Old Stock 4.70
REL6726 . 100V DC 2p 2w - 2PCO  Matsushita, Set-Reset twin coil
Contacts rated 3A 30v dc or 250V ac.
New Old Stock 12.50
REL6817 . 24V Plug-in RELAY  4p 2w - 4PCO  Kuhnke KB4 K6 or K4. 
Some sockets available for these types.
Ex Equip? 1.60
REL6901 PCB with two Continental relays. Ex Equip 0.90
REL7322 . 12V 110 ohm 2p 2w  - 2PCO RS Type 348-756 or OMRON MK2P Unused


REL7412 24V 530 ohm 2p 2w  - 2PCO  Keyswitch  From an inspection batch Unused?


REL7424 24V 475 ohm 2p 2w  - 2PCO  RS 348-784 Unused?


REL7731 . 100V 6800 ohm 2p 2w  - 2PCO  Omron MK2PE US New Old Stock 4.70
REL7734 . 110V 6800 ohm 2p 2w  - 2PCO  Engel and Gibbs MP2 - Boxed New Old Stock 4.70
REL7736 . 120V  2p 2w  - 2PCO Norslo R15w  With operating indicator bar on top. 10A contacts One only New Old Stock 4.70
REL7743 230V 9100 ohms ac coil 2p 2w - 2PCO  Radio Spares  Type 5  New Boxed One only Unused


REL8221 . 12V dc coil 3p 2w  IMO type 60.13, 3PCO
10A 250V ac contacts.


REL8426 . 24V 475 ohm coil 3p 2w - 3PCO  RS Type 348-829 or Norslo Ex Equip? 2.90
REL8514 48V dc coil 3p 2w IMO type 60.13, 3p c/o
10A 250V ac contacts.



REL8517 48V dc coil 3p 2w Keyswitch KMK3P   Ex Equip? 2.90
REL8830 . 24V 125mA AC coil  3p 2w  3PCO  RS Type 349-333 Unused


REL8837 . 230V 14mA ac coil 3p 2w - 3PCO  RS Type 348-813 Used


REL8946 . 12V Transistor amplified relay 2p 2w  - 2PCO 7A rated at 240V ac or 30V dc.   RS 348-245 
Inputs from 3.5V to 50V.    3.5V 0.125mA;   5V 0.24mA;   15V 0.8mA;   50V 2.75mA


REL9807 230V ac coil 2p 2w - 2PCO  RS Type 348-841  New Boxed One only Unused


REL9811 115V ac DPCO with 15A high voltage contacts. Electro Methods Ltd Type 351/B. 800 ohm

dc pull in at 15V release at 4V.  Could be used as 24V relay.


REL9817a Base for  RS Type 349-529.  One only.  Unused


REL9822 EHT  High Voltage Relay. 4,200 ohm Coil  ?115V ac or 48V dc   Dirty Used 4.00
STEPPING RELAYS and UNISELECTORS Polarised, special, choppers.
REL9836 Polarised Relay 12V 250+250 ohm, EET N29834C1
12 pin base. 40x20x50mm case
Used? 4.00
REL9837 Polarised Relay 12V 250+250 ohm, EET N29837B3
12 pin base. 40x20x50mm case
Used? 4.00

21/22 Position Stepping Relay, Stepper relay.  3 pole 21 way switch
Two coils for momentary operation, one to step other resets to position 0 using spring return.  100V.


REL9885 Uniselector. 12 level  GEC UNI.U. 12Y01L  99Z6704. 67/1. 21 ohm coil 50 position.  
     2/12/5A GEC67/1     Unused in original box.
REL9912 . 3-18V dc control, 240V 2.5A single pole switch.  RS 348-431 Unused


REL9915 . A2410  Crydon IR 10A at 24 to 280V AC single way switch.   Controlling input  90-280V AC.  
Data sheet HERE
Old Stock 6.00
TRANSDUCERS Measurement and Gauges
TD101 Acclr_Maywood_5901_a.jpg (17027 bytes) Accelerometer + 1g. Maywood 5901.  10V excitation. Output 100mV per g. Operates down to zero frequency.   Tested Ex equip.


TD121 Displacement Transducer -LVDT. DS1365 Penny and Giles.  Approximately 70mm travel. 25mm diameter x 290mm long. Ex equip.


TD122 Displacement Transducer -LVDT. DS13nn Penny and Giles.
Approximately 30mm travel. 25mm diameter x 120mm long.
Ex equip.


    Rotary Angular transducers and Servo Pots.  See Potentiometers  HERE    
TD2000 . Pressure Transducers.   Various types available.
Some Texas and Mensor Fused Quartz Bourdon tube  gauges available.
  From 3.00
TD2020 Pressure Transducer.  Multitron Appleby and Ireland.   One only
Type AI.741.DD.04.AS.01.01.A.  150mbar differential at up to 50bar/750psi. 
 "Calibrated span 0/150mB, Minimum Span 0/50mB, Max Span 0/250mB."
Used, Tested P.O.A.
TD2030   Pressure Transducer.  Celesco 5cm water gauge differential.
33mm square.                                 
New Old Stock P.O.A.
TD2040 Pressure Transducer.  Electrodynamics Bell and Howell. 4-326-L101  VG (Ventilated Gauge)  10 and 25 psi available.
Also 4-366-0002-01M0   15psi VG
Used P.O.A.
TD2040a Pressure Transducer.  Electrodynamics Bell and Howell 4-326-0001. 100psiA Used P.O.A.
TD2040b Pressure Transducer.  Electrodynamics Bell and Howell 4-393-L201. 
15 psi absolute.
Body 20mm diameter x 95mm long
Used/Unused P.O.A.
TD2070 Pressure Transducer.  Druck PDCR 50/1.  70kPa. Absolute.
  75mV full scale output.  Body 35mm long x 13mm diameter.
New Old Stock P.O.A.
TD2081 Pressure Transducer.  Setra 0-1.0 psi differential.  24V dc excitation. Used P.O.A.
TD2090 Pressure Transducer.  Sensym LX0503A. Piezoresistive absolute. New Old Stock P.O.A.
TD2171   Texas and Mensor Fused Quartz Bourdon tube  gauges
Various tunes available
Used P.O.A.
TD2183 . Paroscience Digiquartz Pressure Computer - No transducer Used P.O.A.
TD2210 Soil Pressure Cell. Kulite  Type 0234 5 Bar.  55mm diameter, 15mm thick, inner sensor  25mm diameter.
Unused 55.00
Flow_a.jpg (23900 bytes) Flow gauge.  Ball bearing vertical tube type. By Brooks Instrument BV of Veenendaal Holland.   Calibrated as percentage of maximum flow.

With needle valve regulator.    Flow_b.jpg (34532 bytes)

Label states:- 5 scale x 0.00285 l/min at gas S.G. of 1.0 at 70 deg F.  Presumably full scale is 0.285 litres/minute.   Used and Untested but ex working installation.

Other types and ranges available.



Various old stock types available, mostly for transducer applications in 120 and 350 ohms, some examples are:-
Kulite AEP-350-090W
Micro-Measurements EA-06-250BG-120, EA-06-062TV-350, EA-13-(various)-120, EA-06-125BT-120, EA-06-125BZ-350, EA-09-250TR-350, EA-06-250TR-350, CD-02-20A, TK-09-CPB02-005.
Mostly supplied in matched sets of 5 in sealed boxes.
For interpretation of the coding, please see the pdf HERE.

For further details of the Vishay Micro-Measurement Gauges see HERE on the Vishay site.

M-line bondable connector strips available. 
Old Stock Typically 6.00 per box of 5
TD301 STRAIN GAUGES.   Assorted gauges available for experiment; these are unused but from opened boxes.  
Ideal for practicing bonding and demonstration. 
Old stock 4 for 0.50
TD400 . Thermocouples, Stainless sleeved.   Various Lengths and fittings. Unused old stock From 2.00
TD401 Platinum Resistance Thermometer Rosemount.  E120/25/64. 260mm long 9mm dia x 140mm and 6mm dia x64mm.
Stainless rigid tube.
New Old Stock 12.50
TD402 . Platinum Film Thermometer. RS type 158-402.  Sealed bags
 (Current RS Stock item £24 plus tax)
New Old Stock 9.50
    See Thermistors for other temperature measurement items.    
Last update:   October 20, 2019

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