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Some prices are marked "P.O.A" - Price on Application.  This usually indicates that the item condition is unknown and will need to be tested and inspected in more detail. Such items will be tested as far as possible before I can give you a report on condition and price.


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Cat No. Click Pics for Larger View Description Condition Price GBP
Instruments and Equipment
Q087 Sounder - Acoustic Alert - Buzzer - Bleeper - Alarm.   Besson Bleeptone 12V 1kHz.
47mm diameter with panel mounting adaptor for 27mm diameter hole.
Old stock 3.50
Q103 TF2603_Ra.jpg (31855 bytes)

Marconi TF2603.     RF mV meter.   Marconi, with probe, adapters etc.   Frequency range 50kHz to 1.5G Hz., 8 Ranges from 1mV to 3V r.m.s. full scale on analogue meter. Power supply 190-265V or  95 to 132V ac 45-500 Hz, or 28Vdc (100mA approx)    Prices vary from 45 to 70 depending on condition, calibration and accessories supplied.   For a technical note on an earlier version which used a mechanical chopper rather than the later FET switches, and some application ideas, click here.  

For a copy of the manual, click HERE.  (2 Mb in pdf format)

I have to prepare and test these as required.

Used Tested Typically 55 plus accessories
Q105 Transmitter-Receiver Tektel  7504.   450-470MHz band operation.  0.5-1W output.  Suitable for telemetry applications.   Circuit diagrams and specifications for this Tektel equipment can be found HERE.  Not individually tested, but several have been in good order. Used 10.00
Q106 . Wavebuoy Receiver digital, 6 channel DIWAR.    Tested
General Information is HERE.
Used 150.00
Q107 . Signal Generator HP 618B.  3.8 to 7.6 GHz.   Used P.O.A
Q108 . Oscilloscope/Recorder Medelec  FOR 1004.  2 available Used P.O.A
Q110 . Logic Analyser. Thurlby LA160 with leads Used P.O.A
Q111 . 14 track 1" Tape Recorder  SE7000.  Various DR and FM Cards available.   Tape Transport will be checked. Used P.O.A
Q112 . Microwriter.  Complete unit and case.
The new typing system that never became established. 
Unused P.O.A
Q113 . Noral SDT815 system with 64180 and 8085 pods and handbook Unused P.O.A
Q120 . Hewlett Packard 214A Pulse Generator Used P.O.A
Q121 . Tektronix 181 Time Mark Generator Used P.O.A
Q130 . B&K (Bruel and Kjaer) Equipment.
Various items available.  Filters, Amplifiers, Microphones, Connectors.    
 See HERE for some pages from a catalogue which gives some information on the range.
Q143 Larkspur Harness Junction Box J1.
With mounting.   Probably unused in service, ex research lab.
As seen.
Not tested
Q149 German Wehrmacht Power junction Box  Kab 15P31a  AW7018.910.  Made by Siemens
Probably unused in service, ex research lab.
As seen.
Not tested
Q205 77-16A.jpg (34365 bytes)

Moore (now Siemens) Electrically controlled Pressure Regulator, Pressure Controller.       With 30psi pressure gauge attached. Input of 4-20mA to 185 ohm impedance controls the output pressure over the range 3-15 psi with an input of 30psi. This is still a current model supported by Siemens who combined with Moore in 2000. Spares are still available according to their web site. Click here for data sheet.

Removed from working system. 22.00
Q206 Controller_01.jpg (36182 bytes) Controller - 3 term Eurotherm.   Various models mains powered. 

Have tested and used these but they are offered on a spares/repairs basis.  Good for parts or possible re-use.

Removed from working system. 4.50
Q218 TCS D300 Function Converter.  Turnbull Control Systems rail mounted interface unit.   Other modules available. Ex working installation 8.50
Q251 Oven_MCO_75.jpg (23161 bytes)
Cathodeon Component Oven, MCO 2mm. For 12 or 24V operation.     Thermostatically controlled to 75o  C.
The top clips off to enable components inside to be changed on socketed base.                         Oven_MCO_75_a.jpg (24477 bytes)
Unused old stock 6.50
Q257 PO_Counter.jpg (26503 bytes) Post Office Telephone Call Meter. 100A  L70546  Patent No. 332483. These were used on each line and were manually read to send out the bills.   Operate from 20 to 28 volt pulses, 500 ohm coil.   Ex exchange.                         PO_Counter_a.jpg (16444 bytes) Used


Q258 Counter_Hours.jpg (16304 bytes) Hours Counter 200-250V 50Hz.  SangamoS477-1-11. Unused, boxed with mounting instructions and clip.  Panel mounting, 38mm square53mm deep overall, 47mm behind front of panel. Unused 4.70
Q344   Power Amplifier HY60  RS type 303-236 Unused 7.50
  . Charge Amplifiers.   Various types available B&K, Endevco, Kistler, CA4. Used tested P.O.A.
Q371 VHF Tuning Unit.  Ex equipment.  With 18 +18pF split stator and  50pF (approx) trimmers. Adjustable coupling loop by front panel screw.
Ex equip 4.30
Q451 Rectifier - 16A01 - H195L   16 Fins 24 x 35mm, 135mm overall.  Unused 3.50
Q457 Microwave Switch. SPST Hewlett Packard 33222.
NSN 0617/5985-99-527-0583
Unused 19.00
Q1602 Photo Cell   Photo Resistor LDR  Resistive Silonex NSL4450 
>100M ohms in dark <1000 ohms in light.   As used in some oil burner flame detectors.
See HERE for further details and data.
Window 20mm diameter. Overall 30mm diameter, 7mm deep with 10mm rigid leads.
Unused 0.50
Q2012 Motor. Precision Size 11  DC Permanent Magnet.. Moore Reed 11PM039.  13V dc 6600 rpm.
Double ended with 8mm and 3mm shafts. 27mm diameter body 78mm overall.
Used Tested 12.00
Q2041 . Mumetal shield for size 11 motors and servos. Wraparound tight fit Used 8.00
Q2134 Gearhead. Size 11 Type 1111SRZ40 27mm diameter body. S H Muffett
Unused 26.00
To Purchase or enquire please see Information Page  Here
TL121 Trimming  Tool  for RF and IF Inductors.  RS type 543-434 Old Stock 1.65
TL320 Crimping Tool. Hellermann Deutsch 15500 Little Used 52.00
TL325 Crimping Tool.  Omni Spectra Inc.  2098-5657-54 Crimp Tool.
Boxed with spare anvils and instructions in lid.
Used 25.00
TL377 Wire Wrap Tool, Electric.  With re-chargeable battery in handle.
No charger.
Little Used 14.00
TL755 Talysurf 10, Rank Taylor Hobson Column and Stand. A112/1261

620 x 400mm anti-vibration table.  A0 drawing
Ground finish with Four Tee slots 10.8mm wide.

Total Mass 100 kg.    Some light rusting of the table.

Collection essential.                            
Used 150.00
TL756 Talysurf, Rank Taylor Hobson Column,  6 inch (152mm) Traverse Unit and Instructions mnual.  Code 112/815.
Boxed. Mains operated 240V 50Hz.
Mass 17 kg.

Used 150.00
To Purchase or enquire please see Information Page  Here
Voltage Selectors
TM252 Mains Voltage Selector, Switchcraft. Two position. Unused old stock 2.20
TM253 Mains Voltage Selector  2 pin shorting plug. Unused old stock 3.70
TM254 . Mains Voltage Selector  3 pin shorting plug.  As used on Racal receivers.
Round "knob" with arrow.
Used 12.70
TM255 Mains Voltage Selector Unused old stock 3.80
PS023 12 Volt Nickel Cadmium.  Varta Type 225 DKZ   CTT. A-93A-08.  .
Services Ref 6140-99-944-3576

225mAh at 10 hour rate. Dated 1977 in sealed bags.  
25mm diameter, 105mm long.
Unused old stock 1.10
PS151 Battery Holder for 4 C type batteries (U11 etc).  
210mm long, 30mm wide, 25mm high.
Unused old stock 1.10
PS152 Battery Holder for 4 D type batteries  (U2 etc).  RS type 488-961
140mm long, 70mm wide, 27mm high.
Unused old stock 1.10
Mains Power Supplies
PS181 Mains Power Supply  +25V and -25V  at 1.5/2A.  Unregulated Linear RS type 591-843.  Size 160 x 100 x 57mm.  Input 115 or 230v nominal.  Continuous rating 1.5A, 2.5A peak at 0 to 40oC ambient.  Screw terminals, fused output.   Unused in original boxes. Tested.
Current RS price is £77 each.   See Data Sheet HERE for full details.
Unused old stock 24.00
PS186 15V 1.2A dc Power Supply. Sunny SYS1089-1815-T3.  Input 100-240V 50/60Hz to IEC fixed connector.   Output 5.5mm diameter via 1.7m long flex.

Boxed and tested
New Old Stock
DC-DC Power Supplies   DC to DC Converters
PS201 NV7358.jpg (24526 bytes) DC to DC Converter. 24V to 2 x 15v at 500mA.  Gardners NV7358.
80 x 50 x 40mm.   0.34 kg.
Unused old stock 16.00
PS202 KLSI12.jpg (20401 bytes) DC to DC Converter,  12V to 12V 1A.  Modular Power Ltd type KLSI12 12S1000. Regulates from 10 to 15V input.  Tested and has a highly stabilised output within 10mV for load or input voltage.  89 x 39 x 65mm.  PCB mounting. New Old Stock 17.00
PS204 . PM871  24V dc   to +12V dc at 525mA   k
PM821  24V dc to 5V dc at 2A   
PM923  24V dc to 12V dc at 470mA  
"Packaged Power" Modules from Power Products - Computer Products Inc.
Mostly Unused POA
from 5 GBP
PS206 DC to DC Converter. Gardners NV7650.
Input 40-60V.  Outputs +5V, 2A; +12V, 1A; -12V, 1A. 
115 x 70 x 52mm.
Unused old stock 16.00
PS207 .  DC to DC Converter Module  5V to isolated  +6 to +20V at 0-50mA
Electroplan 14-12.   63 x 31 x 14mm. 7 gold plated pins for plug-in application.
Each output is adjustable over the range by an external 820 to 15,000 ohm resistor.
Unused old stock 9.00
PS208 . 5V to +12V at 10 to 100mA  DC to DC Converter Module .  RS type 591-506  a Unused old stock 10.00
PS209 . 24V to 12V DC at 412mA Coutant CE923 DC to DC Converter Module.
Rebranded PM923 modules  h
Unused old stock 12.00
Mains Transformers are now on a separate page.   HERE
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