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This lists some of the Hewlett Packard (Agilent) items that I may have. 
Most have been held as spares or are from working equipment or systems.

HP Part No Description Qty
2225A Thinkjet Printer HPIB Unopened Box  
2225A Thinkjet Printer HPIB  Used  2+ 
5061-5798 FO Lead 2
5061-5800 Fibre Optical Interface Converter  
5180-4274 ROM 2
5180-7233 Firmware Updates 2
5180-7262 12040 update ROM 5
7470A Plotter HPIB  
7908 Disc  
7920 Disc  
9111A Graphics Tablet  
9134A Disc 4 x 1.15Mb  
9895A Disc  
9900 Charger  
12005A   2
12040A   2
12040-60002 I/F Cable  
120090   2
12152-64004   2
12159A 25kHz unit  
12828A RS232C 8way I/F panel  
44425A 16ch Input  
82901M Dual 8" Drive  
82903A 16k Memory Module 3
82936A ROM Drawer  
82939A Serial Interface and Manual Boxed  
82939A Opt 01 Serial Interface 1
82954A Thermal Paper  
91750-80007 PROM - remote loading  
92161P Thermal Paper  
98032A 16 bit I./O - Opt 62 for 9862A plotter  
98034A HPIB Interface for 9825  
98036A RS232C  Interface  for 9825  
98640A ADC Connector Panel for 200 series  
98640B ADC and Verification Program Install and Ref Manual  
98649-66503 Connection Panel  
98640-67950 ADC Test Panel  
98645 Opt 630 Measurement Library software and Manual  

Last update:   February 12, 2017

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